First Ever Monster Digger In Singapore – Hitachi EX1900-6

3 Dec, 2015

Hitachi Construction Machinery is honoured to officially handover the Hitachi Monster Digger EX1900-6 to East Marine Pte Ltd on Nov 30th 2015 for their land reclamation works in conjuncture to the relocation of Singapore’s port facilities to Tuas.

An established trademark as an efficient and reliable marine contractor, East Marine Pte Ltd had experience in handling marine projects worldwide, providing expert and customized solutions to project owners during project execution.


Representatives from Hitachi and East Marine with the Hitachi EX1900-6

Mounted on East Marine’s DB-II barge, the machine will dump rocks and stones into the seabed to serve as a foundation for the reclaimed land. The EX1900-6 is the largest excavator in Singapore and the fifth largest in HCM’s product line.

The EX1900 arrived at Project site in September and was handed over to East Marine on Monday Nov 30th 2015 in a Japanese traditional Shinto ceremony where the EX1900-6 was purified with salt and blessed with sake for safeness of machine and East Marine Project Success.


Traditional Shinto Ceremony

In return, Mr Tomoatsu, MD of Hitachi Construction Machinery Malaysia together with Mr. Hashimoto, MD of Hitachi Construction Machinery Asia & Pacific thanked East Marine for their faith in Hitachi and said that the delivery of machine is just the start of a long term partnership & Hitachi is committed to provide East Marine Pte Ltd with the best service and fullest support to ensure Hitachi branded machine brings about additional value to Customer Project.

Thereafter, Mr. Hashimoto presented the plaque to Mr David Teo, Chief Executive Officer of East Marine, together with Mr Atsushi Ogawa, Chairman and MD of East Marine. Upon receiving the plaque from Hitachi, Mr Ogawa further reiterated his company’s choice decision in the EX1900.


Official handover ceremony with Hitachi presenting the plaque to East Marine Pte Ltd

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