Hitachi Has Offically Launched Automated Data Report Service in Asia

ConSite closely monitors your machines’ operational status and emergency alarms, ensuring customers have optimally tuned machines to meet their specific needs.

30 Jun, 2015

The monthly report notifies on each machine’s operation status, and the alarm report notifies on emergency alarm information. These two types of reports allow you to visualize the operation status of your machine, and monitor your machine’s day-to-day operation status in order to maximize machine availability.

ConSite is a consolidated solution service that links you to your machines on the Job site. Its automated data report service is designed for Hitachi Machines that have communication network.

ConSite WorkFlow

The key features as stated below allow user to visualise the operation status of the machine and improve the efficiency of machine management.

(A) Receive monthly operation reports with advice via e-mail. A detailed report of the operational status for each machine will be sent to the registered e-mail addresses every month.


  • Monthly operational information helps to visualise the important aspects of machine utilisation, operating costs, productivity.
  • Each machine’s operational information can be shared with Hitachi authorized dealers, dedicated monitoring support for your machine productivity and optimisation.

(B) Receive emergency notifications via e-mail If the machine’s alarm goes off and the problem requires urgent attention to prevent downtime, an emergency alarm report will be sent to the registered email address.


  • Owner receives machine malfunction alarm notification
  • Immediate verification on malfunction and required remedial action could be applied
  • Malfunction alarm notification shared with dealer service team
  • Service team could be activated within limited time to support necessary countermeasures
  • More machine uptime when machine malfunction is resolved quickly
  • Possible high cost failures and machine downtime could be avoided


Should you require Hitachi ConSite’s services, please contact your Hitachi Authorized Dealers for the details of applied conditions of data report service and machine models that are supported.

* The data report service is available on machines equipped with the communication terminal. 
* The data report service will be made available on 10- to 80-ton excavators. 
* The communication ability may depend on the situation of the worksite. Please confirm if your machine is currently communicating before having this service. Under no circumstances shall Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and or Subsidiaries and its Dealers be held responsible or liable for any communication line failure, interruption, delay in operation or transmission or any other cause of action.

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